Progress May 2014 (updated)

The process of getting Printer Potty out from being our baby, as a single distributor, to one for wider distribution, has been a tricky path to navigate. The whole process has required a great deal of thought but having resolved some key issues, we’ve been able to forge ahead in developing these resources and get things moving again.

To that end, we’ve settled on a mixture of printed instructions, slideshow guides and some video to demonstrate the steps involved in installation, waste counter resetting while covering a multitude of potential pitfalls as FAQ’s.

As of May 13th 2014 we’re close to having a series of Printer Potty models (with printed instructions) for the most popular printers and will be working on the remaining models to ensure broad, clear coverage across the full range:

  • R3000
  • Photo 1500W / Artisan 1430
  • R1800 / R2400
  • R1900 / R2000 / R2880
  • Photo 1400 / 1390 / 1410
  • PX700W – PX830FWD series
  • Artisan 700 – 837 series
  • XP-600 – XP-950 series
  • WF-2530 (and similar)
  • …with more waiting to be completed…

Other areas such as the Pick-A-Potty tool are shortly due for considerable improvement to ensure the information available is clear and easy to access/understand. Other sections are also being updated so we can push ahead with a site that communicates the Printer Potty brand, purpose and benefits as clearly and comprehensively as possible.

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