The Benefits

Why you should be rushing out to buy a kit yesterday…

The most important plus to potty training your printer is that you keep your current “faithful” printer. There is literally no need to ditch a printer that has no other problem except for a fully nappy (diaper).

But that’s not all. Let us give you an insight into the “what if” potential you get when you invest in a Printer Potty.


Your old printer is still working so you don’t need to:

  • buy a new printer
  • buy new cartridges for a new printer
    (often original cartridges at high prices, because compatibles rarely work with the latest new series of printers)

Both of these cost money. Anywhere from £40 to £600 for a new printer and £40 to £150 for just one set of original cartridges.

Some of our customers have saved literally thousands of pounds, simply by keeping their existing printer running. Seriously!


That’s right, you don’t have to visit a recycling facility, nor will you add another bit of electronic waste to the pile. You also don’t need to throw or give away your spare cartridges. That CIS system you installed for your existing printer doesn’t get dumped either, because you still need it.

None of this saves the planet but it’s a step in the right direction.


You’re unlikely to run out and buy the first new printer you clap eyes on, so chances are, you’ll spend considerable time researching options, features, brands before you purchase… or time wishing you had when you get a lemon.

New printers = new drivers, new instructions to ignore… the ones you then spend half an hour looking for, because you can’t figure out how to use that new gizmo. There’s always new lessons and quirks you’ll learn too.

Ok, so nothing is perfect, buying a Printer Potty does mean you’ll still have to figure out how to install that Printer Potty, and reset the waste counter but we already did the research for you. Those instructions you wanted?… we have them here and they are written for people with low technical skills and/or confidence so even a 90 year old can do (and has done) it.

What If…?

So, there you go, assuming you’ve not got a time machine, you’re already figuring out what to do with all that time and money you saved.

The environmental benefits are incidental but even giving a printer one additional lifespan means you halve your contribution to landfill. Some of our customers are now past a decade with the same printer which is a lot of landfill!