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Site update – Sept 22

We’re slowly working through the website and updating information, tools etc. to better reflect the product range and resources available. Pick a Potty is now working again and includes some Printer Pad compatibility information as well as Printer Potty kits. … Continue reading

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Site Update – Aug 2020

We’re aware from feedback that we made a mistake by not posting about the Printer Pads products when they were released. At the time we judged that a soft launch to test the interest would allow us to gain small … Continue reading

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Time to Update

While the Printer Potty product has been developing and improving somewhat quietly, we’re aware that this site has become more than a little long in the tooth. So, starting June 2019 we’ll be giving the site and the information provided, … Continue reading

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2019 – Changes Pending

The Printer Potty site has been neglected over the last few years as we focused on the physical product, instructions and getting more printers supported. Unfortunately that meant that the pictures, product info, etc.. have gotten a bit “tired” so … Continue reading

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2016 kicks off, kits in.

While things on the site have not moved forward we’ve been putting our efforts into documenting and developing kits for many of the printers that until now have been left untouched. To that end we recently added a significant number … Continue reading

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Progress May 2014 (updated)

The process of getting Printer Potty out from being our baby, as a single distributor, to one for wider distribution, has been a tricky path to navigate. The whole process has required a great deal of thought but having resolved … Continue reading

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Bug Fixes and Updates 24/09

Following the inclusion of our new instruction set, with Printer Potty kits, we discovered that most of the links provided in the instructions didn’t actually link to the correct content (Oops!). This has now been resolved with the following pages/sections … Continue reading

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Deadline derby..

Douglas Adams once said “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” I think it’s fair to say that I’m slightly less enamoured with them, because they don’t so much whoosh by… as run … Continue reading

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Progress – Summer 2013

Nearly a year on from when we first started, we’re pleased (relieved) to say the Printer Potty website and brand is finally taking shape. A lot of work has been done behind the scenes, doing things that are suspiciously similar … Continue reading

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