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WICReset Key x1

The Waste Ink Counter Reset (WICReset) utility is an app  that allows you to both read and reset the waste ink counter on compatible printers.

“Keys” are effectively credits that allows you to reset the waste ink counters on any compatible printer, once per key. Once used a key expires and an additional key is needed for the next time. The reset process itself resets the waste ink counters back to zero and effectively gives the printer an additional life.


At present we sell the reset key through the OctoInkjet site here:

Please note: Keys are also provided as part of a discounted bundle with both Printer Potty external waste ink kits and Printer Pad replacement pad sets so if you haven’t already got a plan for dealing with the physical waste ink it’s worth purchasing the appropriate bundle and save some money in the process.

More Information:

For more information along with links to utility downloads, video instructions and troubleshooting guides please check the OctoInkjet site here:


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