Printer Pads

Printer Pads from Printer Potty
When Printer Potty kits originally started out, external waste ink kits were the most effective solution for end-users who didn’t want to spend tens to hundreds of pounds for their printer to be serviced. There were a small number of accessible designs but they were the exception.

In the last few years, Epson in particular, has been making printers with accessible waste pad assemblies (even if the ability to reset waste counters still hasn’t been supported by manufacturers).

The Printer Pad system is based around the same ideas we introduced with Printer Potty but for those end users who don’t necessarily have the space or environment in which an external waste ink tank would be practical. We also decided to focus on minimising waste as much as possible so our pads use natural wool felt coupled with paper/card packaging to ensure almost every aspect is recyclable or at least biodegradable.

Our kits make use of the existing plastic pad holders in the different printer models unlike the OEM (Original) parts which incorporate the holder as standard and just add to the plastic waste pile.

We also spent a lot of time looking at how to reduce the overall costs and shipping footprint so the kits are formatted to fit large letter dimensions that can be posted through standard post boxes easily and cheaply.

This concept has obviously struck a chord with end-users as our XP2 kit has now gone from a tentative test product back in 2019 to a key part of our product line in less than 10 months.


At present you can find these in kit-only or kit+reset-key forms on the OctoInkjet store:


NB: Our product line is expanding to include other printer models and pad sets so even if your printer model isn’t currently covered, chances are high it will be in the future.