The Printer Potty Pro

[Coming Soon]

The Printer Potty Pro kit has been designed to provide everything a more seasoned printer user may need for their printer while allowing for upgrades or even additional printers to be hooked up.Key differences have been highlighted in green below:

  • Tube extension part
    To redirect waste ink outside of the printer case.
  • Additional tubing
    A total tubing length of 80cm to allow for customised installations to suit a specific printer location/layout.
  • 350ml Waste collection tank
    To collect the waste ink safely.
  • Spare Connector Kit
    Two additional connectors (Elbow, Straight) to allow customised tube routing.
  • Reset Utility (+key)
    To reset your printers internal waste ink counter and resolve the “service required” error.
  • Detailed Installation Instructions
    Whatever is required to access your printers internal waste ink system is detailed in our instructions that are provided in various forms, including web-page, printed and video formats.
  • Additional Resources (Online)
    Our experience, of how waste systems and related printer/software settings affect each other, helps us to provide additional resources such as FAQ articles and Troubleshooting guides (to identify and resolve issues).
  • 550ml “Double-Up” Option
    Our 550ml tank option comes with two valve connection points allowing up to two printers to be connected.
  • 2 Year Warranty
    Providing an extra year on our standard Printer Potty warranty.

Unlike our standard kits the Printer Potty Pro provides everything needed for all known Epson inkjet printers and would be ideal for anyone intending to create a custom installation on any other brand of inkjet printer