Printer Potty Standard & Pro

While kits will differ with each target printer design, your Printer Potty kit will include the following, as standard:

  • Tube extension part
    To redirect waste ink outside of the printer case.
  • Waste collection tank
    To collect the waste ink safely.
  • Reset Utility (+key)
    To reset your printers internal waste ink counter and resolve the “service required” error.
  • Detailed Installation Instructions
    Whatever is required to access your printers internal waste ink system is detailed in our instructions. These are aimed at users with low technical confidence and provided in various forms, including printed, web-page and video formats.
  • Additional Resources (Online)
    Our experience, of how waste systems and related printer/software settings affect each other, helps us to provide additional resources such as FAQ articles and Troubleshooting guides (to identify and resolve issues).
  • Minimum 1 Year Warranty
    Plus out-of-warranty parts or upgrade options to revive or upgrade an old kit, at prices that won’t break the bank.


Specific kits will differ in terms of additional connectors included,  tube length as well as other factors determined by the printers they’ve been designed for.


Printer Potty Pro

Our Printer Potty Pro kits are not provided as a “better” version of our standard kits but the “Pro” is more of an acknowledgement of the greater need for reliability, ease of installation and the amount of waste generated by the printers these kits fit.

While kits will differ with each target printer design, your Printer Potty Pro kit will include the same basics as the Standard kits (see above) while adding the following enhancements:

  • Larger Waste collection tank
    350ml instead of our standard 180ml
  • Enhanced 2 Year Warranty
    And out-of-warranty parts/upgrade options to revive/upgrade an existing kit. All at prices that won’t break the bank.
  • Relevant (and re-usable) Tools
    Chosen to make installation as simple and pain free as possible.