A Potty’d History

An ink spattered lab and an old man in a white coat. Was this where Printer Potty was born?

Picture the scene, an ink spattered lab, expensive machines testing exotic compounds, some wisend old man in a lab coat muttering about the coefficient of the hypothe-something… and you have the exact opposite of how the Printer Potty was born.

You see, about the only thing that was accurate was the “expensive machine” part. Two expensive machines to be exact… These two inkjet printers had decided they were in need of loving caress from a highly trained and extremely expensive Service Technician. But, alas, such attentions could not be afforded nor were they recommended by the manufacturer. So, rather than buy replacements it was down to me as the product founder, with my DIY (Destroy It Yourself?) “skills” to figure out a solution or go down fighting.


Years of improvement driven by kids with untamed curiosity and annoyed parents

What followed resulted in the first external waste kit (along with an interesting tie-dye style t-shirt motif). This first attempt was improved on over the years thanks to curious children and annoyed parents (oops!). Other lessons were learned too, as printers were reset, replaced, resurrected and  ink/blood/sweat/tears spilled, resulting in the current crop of kits you see on sale today.

Importantly, what started as a “needs must” solution, resulted in those first printers extending their lifespan considerably. Since then these waste kits have similarly extended numerous printers lifespans allowing them (and their owners) to realise their full potential, rather than an artificially induced early retirement and unnecessary expense (monetary and environmental).


What’s in a name? *Zing!* Printer Potty – yep, that’ll do nicely

As for the name… well, that was equally messy. Take a first time father, engaged in the time honoured ritual of changing a nappy for the n’thousandth time, wishing the potty training process could be hurried along when *zing!* inspiration hits… Waste ink Kits? Printer nappies? Potty Training? … and thus “Printer Potty” was born…

… and no before you ask, I haven’t developed a similar kit for babies…