Site Update – Aug 2020

We’re aware from feedback that we made a mistake by not posting about the Printer Pads products when they were released. At the time we judged that a soft launch to test the interest would allow us to gain small scale feedback then adjust our instructions, product manufacturing and future plans…

We didn’t count on a number of other developments, not least a customer sharing their positive experiences of the XP2 product on Youtube and stimulating considerable interest. As a result we got a whole lot more queries, questions and orders than we were ready for…

…although we’re not complaining the surge, coupled with the pandemic, caught us completely by surprise and development, particularly of new product ranges stalled at the critical point. We’re still recovering!


Anyway, we finally found the time to update this site so that the information and product range has been clarified and some of the more obtuse links, resolved properly.

Feedback is welcome and we will be re-doing our introductory video (although Wow! I look so young!) so we can make it a bit more punchy, better sound and who knows… maybe a better nappy 🙂



You can follow progress in a number of ways so choose the one most appropriate to you.

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