What is a Printer Potty

Almost all Inkjet printers include a nappy (or diaper) that collect the ink wasted during your printers life. The Printer Potty allows you to Potty train your printer, do away with nappies, and deal with its mess with minimal fuss.

We now also have a replacement pad alternative, for newer printer models, so you can learn about our Printer Pads solution here.

Our Printer Potty kits are designed mostly for use in Epson Inkjet printers but other printer brands and models have been successfully adapted as well.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Money Saved
    No new printer and no need for new ink consumables (Original/Compatible Cartridges, CIS system, etc..).
  • Minimal Waste
    Only waste ink or ink soaked pads are generated. Not waste plastic.
  • Time Well Spent
    No researching a new printer or new consumables. No new drivers to install, or new printer manuals to ignore.

..and there’s more:

  • Install it just once
    Once installed correctly your waste kit never needs to reinstalled. The tank is designed to disconnect and reconnect easily without needing to dismantle or move your printer again.
  • Re-usable
    When your printer finally reaches its true end of life you can transfer your waste kit to your next compatible printer (more info).
  • No Consumables
    Printer Potty tanks are re-usable, not consumables. We are not in the business of creating more landfill.


Our Printer Potty kits are now well into their second decade with our standard and Pro kits designed to cover a number of different printer designs. Each come with a tube extension part, waste collection tank and instructions for installing and maintaining your kit. Equally important you also have the option to purchase the necessary software and key(s) to reset the printers waste ink counter.

Beyond our Printer Potty Pro kits we are now actively supporting those end-users who don’t want or are not able to install an external waste ink solution with our Printer Pads range. These kits are a consumable but they’ve be stripped down to the bare essentials need to replace the relevant printers waste pads but without the unnecessary extra plastic or bulky, packet style shipping (more information).


What You Get

Each kits will differ slightly according to the specific needs of each printer and type of product you purchase, your kit will always include:

  • Access to Detailed Installation Instructions
    Whatever is required to access your printers internal waste ink system is detailed in our instructions that are provided in various forms, including web-page,  printed and video formats.

Additional Resources (Online)
We’re constantly learning and sharing our experience, of how waste systems and related printer/software settings affect each other. This is shared via FAQ articles, Troubleshooting guides and of course helps us when providing support.

For specific information on what you would receive with a particular kit please choose the appropriate link below:


Purchase or Ponder

If you’re already convinced or just want to find out what options your printer has you can use our Pick-a-Potty tool to find what works with your printer model and where you can buy one.

Alternatively call or email us with your questions and we’ll do what we can to help.