Why Buy and Not Bye-Bye

Printers, like all devices, are subject to Murphys Law, so when you desperately need to print something, you can guarantee that’s when the dreaded “Service Required”  error will appear. Whether you need to hand in that assignment, print off that letter or post that invoice you are stuck!

Naturally being practical types you haven’t just cursed your errant device (for too long) but actually done some research to get here. So, we are pleased to confirm that all is not lost.

You have Options:

  1. You can buy a new printer and junk the old one
  2. Phone your manufacturers support / Take it to a service centre
  3. Buy a Printer Potty

So let’s quickly examine those options shall we.

Buy a New Printer

  • Expensive (Not just the printer but the cartridges too!)
  • Wasteful (What’s really wrong with your old printer?)
  • Technical (You still have to install it)

Call Manufacturer Support

  • Almost all calls for sub-£200 printers end with “Buy a new printer”.
  • Lots of time wasted
  • Most printer services cost from £40 – £150!

Buy a Printer Potty

OK, so we’re biased but there are numerous reasons why you should buy a Printer Potty.

For starters you don’t have to sit around waiting for the postman to deliver your order. The reset tool provided with your kit is available immediately (as a download) so you can usually get your printer error cleared and printing again within half an hour.

Cost is minimal, especially when compared to a new printer or service and really, a waste ink related error should never be seen as your printers death sentence. It is, after all, just a warning that the nappy is full.


Whether you use your printer for your homework, pictures of the grandkids or your profession our kits can get it working again. Now that’s great but, when you consider the other options, they also save you money and help reduce your impact on the environment as an added bonus too.


It’s a no-brainer that buying a new printer is not cheap but when you examine the potential life cycle of your existing printer and all the associated costs it really does make a huge difference. Let’s take an example:

PX700W printer (released 2008)

  • Cost: £160 (at release)
  • Consumables: Original/OEM, Third party consumables, CIS systems
  • Waste Pad life expectancy: 2 months (very high use) – 3 years (minimal use)
  • Replacements: PX710W, PX720WD, PX730WD (Avg’ cost £140 per model)

Assuming a PX700W usually survives 18 months before hitting the “Service Required” error, over a five year period you would expect to replace the printer 3 times at a cost of around £140 each (£420 total). In addition, when the PX730WD was released, the chip technology and firmware had changed making many compatible cartridges (and CIS system chips) unrecognisable thus requiring new cartridges and/or CIS system replacement. If you were really unlucky it may have resulted in the need to buy original cartridges at champagne prices.

Taking Printer cost alone, compare reviving versus replacing the PX700W three times:


1x Printer Potty kit (£19.95 RRP)
2x Reset keys (£6.50 RRP)

Total Cost: £32.95
Total Saving: £387


3x New Printers
£140 (approx)

Total Cost: £420.00

If you throw in original consumables, replacement CIS systems, and shipping for new printers and your Printer Potty would probably save closer to £500 in five years.

Don’t Have The Time?

The old maxim of time is money is equally applicable so if we take our earlier example you can expect to spend a few hours (for each replacement printer) trying to:

  • decide which printer to buy
  • installing drivers
  • resetting wireless settings on your devices
  • adding the printer to a network
  • discovering your cartridges don’t work
  • learning how to use it
  • … and so on…

While your Printer Potty requires maybe 30 minutes to install, reset and your existing printer just gets on and works again. Oh and you only ever install it once!

Environmentally Speaking

It isn’t just about money or even time either.

Fewer printers purchased means:

  • fewer printers produced
  • less resources used
  • less need for recycling
  • less resources/energy used in recyling
  • less landfill
  • less fuel for transportation
  • less CO2 or other pollution

You don’t need to hug trees to see the benefit and it’s costing you less regardless.

When It Doesn’t Make Sense

We’re not completely wedded to our product that we don’t recognise some of the benefits of replacing your printer or indeed when another solution is more appropriate to your printer problem.

For example, new functionality in printers may provide you with something you need to hook up your tablet but given the cost/benefit your old printer still has you might want to think about another way of achieving the same goal (print server?).

Likewise your particular printers design or space limitations around your printer may mean that replacing the waste pads (as is possible on some more recent models) may be preferable to having an external waste kit sitting next to your printer.

So, the Printer Potty is not a one-size fits all solution but it certainly shouldn’t be ignored either.


Where to Buy

You can find our list of stockists, resellers and (potentially) installers on our Stockists page.