Bug Fixes and Updates 24/09

Following the inclusion of our new instruction set, with Printer Potty kits, we discovered that most of the links provided in the instructions didn’t actually link to the correct content (Oops!).

This has now been resolved with the following pages/sections now added:

  • Basics
    A copy of the new basic instruction set (applicable to all printer models) as a PDF download (slideshow and video to follow)
  • Disposal
    Information on how to dispose of the waste ink once you’ve collected it.
  • Troubleshooting
    Placeholder for additional tips on common setup or usage issues.
  • Install
    How to locate your printer specific installation instructions

We’ve also identified and fixed a number of bugs with most affecting the Pick-a-Potty tool. These have now been resolved and the tool should now be working properly.

Apologies for those who got caught in the interim while we were blissfully unaware of any problems. Smugness eradication well and truly complete!


You can follow progress in a number of ways so choose the one most appropriate to you.

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