Using the Site

Finding the right kit

To help you find the right Printer Potty for your printer we’ve provided the Pick-a-Potty tool on our home page.

  1. Simply type in your printers model number
    eg: for the Photo Expression XP605 you would type in 605
  2. Select the appropriate match suggested.
  3. The tool then provides you with an information window which indicates if your printer model is already compatible with one of our kits.The tool also indicates if installation instructions and a waste ink counter reset facility is available.
  4. Simply click on any of the icons for more information.


Note: In some instances, particularly for new model printers, there isn’t immediate kit compatibility or reset support. Of course, we are work hard to add support for new (and some old) printers so this information is constantly being updated.



Finding your installation guide

All Printer Potty kits come with printed instructions that cover the basics for dealing with the waste ink and tank itself but with so many different printer designs we keep the printer specific information on-line as videos, and step by step illustrated instructions.

As we’re currently only reselling through OctoInkjet Ltd, this guide will explain how you can locate and access your instructions.

If you get stuck please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Where Are Support Docs?

This FAQ tool deals with general queries about the Printer Potty product and gently introduce visitors to the basic concepts without overloading them with jargon or other printer specific detail.

If you’re looking for the technical support resources such as:

  • Installation guides
  • Troubleshooting information
  • Error codes
  • etc..

You can usually find this, more detailed information, in our support section.