Progress – Summer 2013

Nearly a year on from when we first started, we’re pleased (relieved) to say the Printer Potty website and brand is finally taking shape.

A lot of work has been done behind the scenes, doing things that are suspiciously similar to deciding on the wallpaper or carpets for a new house. Thank-fully most of that is now behind us and our interior decorating (lack of) skills are no longer required so we’re moving on to the meat of the project.

Rather than bore you to tears (Yes, we caught you napping) here’s a quick run down on what we’ve achieved:

  • The Pick-a-Potty tool is now re-coded for this site, using a slimmed down version of Quickfind (from OctoInkjet)
  • We finally decided on a tool to present installation instructions.
    Something easy to reference on computers, tablets, smart-phones and (eventually) allow printable format too.
  • New Icons, graphics and wallpaper pat… *cough*, colour scheme.
  • Revisited support content and started adding new items.
    In particular we expanded our focus to make things less technical so we can encourage those customers with less technical skill and/or confidence.
  • … and more besides…

While we’ve learned not to predict an ETA’s, it’s looking highly likely we’ll be focusing completely on developing more support materials for more printers within the next 6-8 weeks. Fingers crossed!


You can follow progress in a number of ways so choose the one most appropriate to you.

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