2016 kicks off, kits in.

While things on the site have not moved forward we’ve been putting our efforts into documenting and developing kits for many of the printers that until now have been left untouched.

To that end we recently added a significant number of EcoTank models and have started consolidating our list of printer models across more than just the Epson range.

It is going to take a couple more months before it’s clear just how much we’ve been able to achieve but you can expect some significant improvements in compatibility as well as kit quality before the end of March.

Here’s just a few of the printers we’ve added instructions and/or new kits for:

  • ET-14000
  • ET-2500 & ET-2550
  • L800
  • L1300,
  • L1800
  • WF2010W
  • SCP600 (also know as “SureColor P600”)


This is just the tip of the iceberg so more kit announcements are expected.


You can follow progress in a number of ways so choose the one most appropriate to you.

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