The Printer Potty range


The Printer Potty range

The original Printer Potty products were a small number of kits with minimal need for tools or specialist support and we still offer our Standard and Pro’ kits that cater for a wide variety of printer models, particularly older models where pads were difficult to access.

As printer designs changed to simplify waste pad replacement,  we’ve found more and more printer designs that offer drop out waste pad holders. While OEM solutions do exist they tend to be overly wasteful in terms of unnecessary packaging, plastic and other waste so we finally developed the Printer Pads line to tackle this.



Printer Potty (Standard & Pro)

Our Printer Potty external waste ink kits provide everything you need to revive a wide number of desktop printers and cover the bulk of Epson printer designs.

With the introduction of more complex CIS fed printers and expensive larger format models we’ve found unique solutions and tools that were then incorporated into our Pro kits to offer the simplest installation possible.

Printer Potty kits still offer the best, long term solution to waste ink, particularly for those who hit the waste pad error repeatedly.


Printer Pads from Printer Potty

Printer Pads

Designed to cater for printers that have easily replaceable waste pads, we’ve introduced the Printer Pads line of solutions. These are ideal for end-users that:

  • don’t have the space needed for a Printer Potty
  • a home environment doesn’t lend itself to an external waste tank
  • …or who are hitting the waste ink error after years of reliable printer use.